St. Sean the Amused (seanb) wrote in thoskschildren,
St. Sean the Amused

First post as Sorin

I wanted to help. I thought they could use me. And... I was hoping to get away from the Hold. Have a real Adventure. Escape this Eternal Apprenticeship for a while. Mulharred told me to be careful what I wish for - I just may get it. In spades.

So now we're slaves bound in a hellworld that is somehow connected to our own. The Masters who came here before are starving, cruelty is casual and commonplace, and our lives are cheap. I don't think I'll be able to acquire many herbs here, so I'll just have to rely on the natural forces of life itself to heal these people, keep them alive. I just hope that channeling nature in this place doesn't begin to affect me with the nature OF this place.

Any of us could be killed at any time, at the whim of one of these Demons. If that happens, should I try to bring them back? There is no clergy here, and we may never find our way home. Would they really punish me for reincarnating a fallen comrade under such circumstances? That would be far outstepping my bounds, but we are far beyond the Hold.

Of course, at a place like this, people may not want to come back. Death may be the only escape.
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