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Lady Doom

Well then...

I certainly hadn't expected that. I thought I would put the tree there and it would grow but... I never expected it would... well... GROW. I'm going to have to sit down with Soren and see if we can figure something out. Nothing and no one goes into that place, with good reason, but something has to be done about the tree. If it continues growing unabated like that... well, it could take over the world. I hadn't imagined that much magic was left in that place after so long. It's immense.

And I'm rich. I could by a small town. Or as Senedd says, "Maybe a large town." Money isn't something I'll have to worry about for ... well, possibly ever, unless I need to buy something amazingly extravagant. I'll be leaving a letter for Lysi here. Interesting that we can leave letters for each other here. They might take awhile to get to each other but we both have contacts in this trading town.

I kind of miss her. She sounds happy, though it is hard to imagine her with pups. Really hard. She does sound happy, though. She's getting imense practical magic practice.

............... A few pages later ...................

By all that is holy...

Someone must be looking out for me. I should be dead. I should be more than dead. I should be a pile of ashes.

Random, if you're looking out for me, I thank you because I know it isn't Thosk. It definately isn't Thosk.

The book I managed to save tells me more than enough about what Thosk really is. And while I wasn't exactly right in what I was thinking, I was close enough. There is so much more to learn and now there are Glooms.... It makes me shiver just to remember.. There is a small mark in my armor where the knife touched it...

I've never been so afraid of anything in my life. I wonder if it is going to come back for the book. I hope not. I desperately hope not. That thing could easily kill us all in our sleep. We'd never even wake up. We've made a copy of the book and I'm trying to decide if giving a copy to Master Artia is a good idea or not. He and Galben are the only of the Masters I trust because of what they've both been through. I'm writting a letter, no matter what.

I'd love to talk about Thosk with Jayce now but ... There is no way he would listen to what I have to say. I don't know whether to laugh at or cry for those of the clergy. I don't think they have a clue what their god really is. He is the way he is because he was weak and couldn't resist corruption.

I have answers but I have so many questions all at the same time. When I finally go back to Volareth, yes, I think of it as that now, I hope to be well armed in knowledge and in weapons. 300 years is too long. There won't be anything left.

First, I need to go to Random's shrine. I think I'll spend a good long time there today.
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