St. Sean the Amused (seanb) wrote in thoskschildren,
St. Sean the Amused

Gloom and Doom

A few surprises, and a revelation. We've made some progress on this self-appointed mission, even if we seem to be in ever-increasing danger. The Gloom arriving while we were doing our research was ... distressing, to say the least. The fact that SOMETHING saw the need to interfere with our mission shows that we are doing the right thing, even while our path becomes more treacherous.

So, we have a two millenia cycle of doom, of nightmares made real. This doesn't bother me much, even though it could make our lifetimes miserable and short. I'm more worried about the hints Alanna found that this cycle may be breaking down as the barrier between our realm and the realm of the unreal becomes weaker. If we find a way to reinforce this barrier, will the monsters of legend fade back into unreality? Will this rid our world of Chichimecs, Glooms, and Linnorms?

And what of ghouls and werewolves? Will the lesser nightmares we have become so familiar with also fade away? How deeply entwined is this realm of the unreal with our everyday reality?

Not that we are anywhere close to finding a way to accomplish that. I think we're all sufficiently motivated now, and everybody sees the severity of this problem.

Alanna and I have another problem to puzzle out. The tree she planted has grown into a behemoth, feeding ravenously on the tainted arcane energies of that wasteland. While that triumph of life over magic is lovely to see, this tree could easily become as dangerous as the portal under "Volareth". I want to set up a proper grove up there, spend some time studying the tree and learning what dangers it may pose. It would be lovely if one danger could be used to counter the other, but I doubt we are going to be that lucky.

We may have to talk with the elves about this, tell them what we have done with their trees. Even the most civilized ones may be tempted to skin us alive for this, but they may have knowledge we need, and are not foolish enough to refuse to help when the danger to their world is real.
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