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St. Sean the Amused


I hear Van Rogesta was assasinated while stepping off of his boat. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving "man", although it would have been nice to taste his blood for what he did to Dru. Apparently, there was nothing left but dust. A lovely reminder that Thosk's gift comes to all of his enemies.

I saw Karle here the other day, praying at the shrine to Thosk. Not sure what he's thinking, if he's ever thinking at all. Still, interesting that he came to Ilthmar, a little footnote to share with Jayce. Must keep eyes open for others from the Hold. Perhaps they are fleeing the Sings of the Times, the Years of Drought and Flood?

Soon, it will be time to return home, time to see Thosk's will made manifest in the living world. I wish I knew what he wants from me. Jayce's only advice has been to be what I am.

It's tempting to go out into the bandit kingdoms, begin a campaign of terror, better organized than what I did to Tharmia. Carve out my own "Vampire Kingdom", without waiting for Alnath's idiocy. It would make my liege Vaathan happy - but that is the kind of behavior that draws Heroes. The vampire myth is all about the insidious threat; obvious vampires die young.
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