St. Sean the Amused (seanb) wrote in thoskschildren,
St. Sean the Amused

My friends died that day

and I have not been able to find their souls. I hope that they have been reborn to happier lives. Ness is probably still hiding in the ruined city, and I alone was able to escape with my life.

Mulharred, my teacher, my mentor. I am not sure whether it is he that lives, or a monstrous mockery that retains his power and memory. I wish that I could honor his memory by slaying what he has become, but I doubt that I will have the chance.

Marian, the sweet little voice of innocence that kept us from becoming complacent about the nightmares surrounding us. Her love and devotion was beautiful to see, and tragic to watch. In her next life, may her devotion lead to joy instead of suffering.

Allana, who fancied herself a deathdealer. Our reluctant leader, she tied us together more than she would ever admit. Of all the journeymen, I trusted her the most, even though she did not trust herself to love the people of this world. She was the first one I turned to for help, the first journeyman to treat me as an equal. In her new life, may she have the courage to open her heart with other people.

Drucilla, who's soul was the playground for cosmic forces. Her birthright was darkness, confusion, and manipulation. Everybody watched her, expecting inhuman evil. In the end, she was just another plaything in cosmic games. May she find a more peaceful life, where somebody loves her for who she is, instead of people craving her for what she is.

Eric, the reluctant prince, dust in the desert sands. He alone had no obligation to help, no ties to our nightmare until he volunteered to be sucked into out world. I'm glad he avoided the horrors that came later.

Sestian, who rejected his role as guardian of the hold, but remained a protector to the last minute of his life. The unstoppable guardian is here no longer. I wish him a better purpose in his new life; may his clarity not be so misplaced.

Sasha, my oldest friend, the stalwart warrior. I have not been able to find her. I suspect she went with Telos to the Hold, and met the same twisted fate as him.

Sennedd's body was crushed, and his self was finally released home. He brought honor to us, and love to my loneliest friend.

Karle proved himself to be a terminal danger to all around him. If he didn't die in the explosions, I fear he may reincarnate along with the others. May he find more wisdom in a new life.

Gunter was a kind man, the best I have ever known. The world has truly grown darker with his passing. As refreshing as Alanna said I was for her, he was for me. His example is needed now, more than ever. For him alone, of all I have ever met, I wish exactly what he deserves.

I'm not sure what we accomplished, what everybody achieved from this sacrifice. Maybe, we stopped things from getting worse, but the taint, the corruption, the nightmares that already came into our world are still there. Still wreaking havoc in Volaresca.

I will tell everybody what is happening. I can send letters to Drucilla's family and Eric's family, telling them how they died and why. I can go to Mirian's home forest, and tell them of her love and devotion. I can go back to Elia, and tell her that the elves of Volaresca seem to have entirely left our world.

Then, I need to go back. I will build memorial cairns for them, high on a mountaintop where they will be unmolested by the abominations in our home. It is our home, which is why I can't just go away and pretend this isn't happening. There are still people that need defending, and teaching. The king and queen need to know what is happening, even if it is beyond their power to do anything.

I'm beginning to doubt that this horror CAN be defeated. It can only be fought. On the memories of everyone that has ever mattered to me, I pledge my life and all of my ability to this cause.
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