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Well, Perelion succeeded in finding something. A young wyvern, close to being booted from the cave for good. Four days of searching, three of initial training and we have a new party member. Not the brightest stone on the block, but likely more durable than any of the rest of us.

Now to find him a name and convince him that the rest of you are packmates. Oh, and teaching him to stay still for the 'harmless pseudodragon' trick, he seemed to like stalking from hiding, so hopefully he'll take to hiding in plain sight.

[Share spell polymorph other, me into myself, Wyvern into Pseudodragon. As soon as he leaves my side the spell is broken and where there was cute little Pseudodragon there is now huge Wyvern of doom. Will also allow for small things to be quite filling food sources]
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