St. Sean the Amused (seanb) wrote in thoskschildren,
St. Sean the Amused

Welcome to the Underworld

Every torture and indignity I could imagine, and more -- that much I expected. These demons go far beyond establishing dominance, reveling in cruelty like the worst kinds of people.I expected power games, but this goes far beyond that - they seem to have a real lust for suffering. That one truth, that madness, suffuses everything here.

There is much more need for me here than there ever has been at the Hold, and I hope that I'm up to the challenge. Already I can see how tempting it would be to break, to give up completely and seek the only escape that is available to all slaves. Healing somebody, nursing them back to life so that they can continue like this - that could be an act of cruelty as easily as an act of kindness. These Vrocks seem too stupid and petty to misuse my talents that way, but I might eventually be ordered to do so by a higher demon.

Sasha, as always, is the indmonitable warrior, refusing to surrender. If she ever gets a chance to kill a Vrock, she will be quite happy. Unfortunately for her, fighting back just arouses the more playful desires in our captors; she was hurt more than any of the rest of us. It would be better for her if we had been defeated in battle, but I suspect she will find ways to fight for herself every day we are here. Sestian, of course, just wants to kill things, even as a servant to masters he despises and resents - not a big difference from the Hold, really. He almost seemed happy until the questioning. I shudder to think of the lengths to which he will go to keep that from happening to Alanna.

The prince is holding up well. He's even more lost than the rest of us, but seems to be adapting. And Karle... hasn't killed us, yet. That's the kindest thing I can think about him right now. In the morning, I will do my damnedest to save M from this place and from him.
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