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Strange times, strange places

Dru surprised the hells out of me. Its been years since we did anything together, she's been a city girl, out in the castles, and with Allanna. Now she's back to catacombs and exploring. And honestly, I don't mind the company.

Dru doesn't smell like food, unlike most people. There's just enough dragon now to be in that other category. And she's mostly pretty quiet and self-sufficient. I can live with this kind of company. We don't talk much, but I think that suits both of us.

I needed to get off the damned ship. Being confined in tight quarters with too many people, and unable to go below decks and hunt because the rats were needed was driving me crazy, giving me too much time to sit and think.

This is paradise though. Plenty of food in the desert if you know where to look. A lot of open space with no people, and tombs and catacombs everywhere. I could spend years out here just exploring, seeing these ruins, studying these people, their funeral rites, and especially their undead. Maybe someday I'll get the chance to hunt a mummy. I'm not trying now. I'm not out to hunt, I'm out to study, to learn, and to write about them. But it would be a great hunt... and a different one. Very different from the vampires and ghouls and skeletons.

We're going to need to go back soon, I know that. But now I have so much more to write about, like a new world almost. And maybe one day Winter will have reason to send someone down to the southern continent... its obviously a great place for trade after all, and I can come back and play for a while. And I think I can manage the trip home alright... and then on to the hold.
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